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I’ve officially joined the team at RightMessage!

As of today, I’ve officially joined the team at RightMessage. I’m joining the likes of Brennan Dunn, Shai Schechter, Brian Langenfeld, Laura Elizabeth, and Chad Belletete and focusing on all things growth to build, launch, and grow RightMessage! What is RightMessage? Our goal is to help marketers answer the question – how can you create the best digital experience possible for different […]

Thank you W+R Studios

I’m leaving Cloud CMA. A few years ago Greg Robertson and Frances Brittle gave me an opportunity. They welcomed me with excited and open arms to the team at W+R Studios – makers of Cloud CMA. I got to travel, teach, and basically do what I do best with a ridiculously talented team of designers, […]

Two Words You Need To Eliminate From Your Vocabulary

What if. Whether you’re a kid growing up or a grown man/woman trying to make a name for yourself, those are the two most debilitating words I’ve ever heard. The mindset that stems from uttering those two little words are sure to get in the way of your success. What if. What if I ask […]


Every year I speak at hundred of offices, associates, and YPN events. I've also been a featured speaker at the California Association of REALTORS four years and counting.

If you'd like me to give a presentation, host a webinar, or train your office, please let me know!

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