Are You Making Things Happen, Or Just Making Noise?

The Impact Equation is all about launching ideas, building a platform and injecting the “human” element into your interactions to build relationships that will help you grow.

But how do you build a platform amidst all of the noise? How do you nurture relationships that lead to value both for you and your community?

How do you know if you’re really working on what matters?

I asked Julien Smith, co-author of The Impact Equation to join me in this inaugural episode of Content Smarts Radio to talk about this…

Join us, as Julien Smith and I discuss: 

  • The myth of “overnight success,”
  • The guiding principles that will lead you to develop the work that you’re doing and move it in the right direction,
  • How to build a platform,
  • How to focus on delivering information that’s useful to the people you hope to reach (in other words: value),
  • How to build relationships that lead to value,

Hit the flash player below to listen now…


(25 min, 40 sec)

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Show notes: 

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