How To Build A Better Business Online…the Human Business Way

A relationship minded business, is a better business.


Because it puts the customer first. And that makes you referable.

So today, I thought I’d talk to marketing expert Chris Brogan, President of Human Business Works, and someone who knows all about building a relationship-minded business. Or as he would like to say, building a business “the human way.”

Join Chris Brogan and I as we discuss: 

  • Why writing is like running a marathon.
  • Why you need a platform and how to build a platform.
  • How to make your business more referable.
  • How to build a relationship with your readers through email.
  • What it means to build a relationship-minded business and why that’s important.

Hit the flash player below to listen now:


(24 mins, 58 sec)

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Show Notes:

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