A Few Reasons Genesis Rocks!

A few weeks ago, I changed the theme on this site to the Prose Child Theme from StudioPress and I love it! See, I consider myself an intermediate WordPress user. I know WordPress well enough to fumble my way around and do what I need to do including everything you see here on the site. StudioPress makes it easy for even novice users to work their way around without much trouble. And if you do run into trouble, just hit up the Support Forum (priced between $59.95 to $84.95, it’s well worth the investment)…

A Few Reasons Genesis Rocks:

  • It’s a theme framework. Basically, you can redesign your blogsite fast by selecting a different child theme rather than paying to have a theme designed from scratch. Whether you run a company, a non-profit, are a freelancer or a real estate agent, chances are they have a theme for you that’s just about ready to go out-of-the-box. My site is running on the Prose Child Theme. I’ll probably keep it that way for a while :-)
  • Awesome Support. You’ll find awesome folks like @daisyolsen and @GaryJ who ROCK the StudioPress Support Forum. They’re seasoned Genesis Pro’s and totally patient. From the very basic to the advanced, they’re always there to answer your questions and guide you through what you’re trying to do.
  • It’s highly configurable. Having a widgetized footer section was a must-have for me. With Genesis, I could’ve done this using the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin. Look at how this real estate agent customized his site using the AgentPress Child Theme and the various configuration options available to him. In my case, the Prose Child Theme already has a footer section built in. If I want to de-activate it, no problem, I just don’t drag any widgets in there. I can manage my SEO settings and access my point-and-click design controls straight from the WordPress dashboard. Basically, everything I need is just a click away.
  • Two Brian’s are better than one. Seriously, Brian Clark and Brian Gardner make one h*ll of a powerhouse team! When they announced a merger to form Copyblogger Media, I was definitely excited for the news and all that’s ahead… I don’t think I need to say more. I know I’m in good hands with those two on my side.

Basically, if there’s anything I wanna do to change things around the site, the Genesis Theme Framework makes it all pretty easy to do. And if I run into any trouble, I have a power-house of Support at my disposal in the Support Forums. Pretty good investment don’t you think?

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  1. Bill McCue says

    Studiopress is the only theme I will use anymore. Brian, Nathan, and the entire support team have created a Raving Fan out of me! The themes are excellent, and the support is unmatched compared to others I have tried! Thanks for the mention and link to my real estate site Ricardo!

    BTW… Ricardo, you guys at Diverse Solutions ROCK too! The Studiopress theme combined with the Diverse Solutions IDX products I use have improved my business tremendously.

    • says

      Bill: Seriously, I love what you've done with your WordPress theme and integrating dsIDXpress. Perfect execution all around! I have to agree with you, their level of Support is stellar.

      Thanks for your continued support of DS Bill!

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