The Rules of A Creator’s Life

The Rules of a Creator's LifeI stumbled across this first at Pushing Social (thanks Standford). The original creator is Tanner Christensen of

I view it as a simple, inspiring reminder to show up and create work that you’re proud of. Create something remarkable (as Seth Godin would say).

I’ve expanded on what each of these points means to me…

1. Do More Than What You’re Told To Do.

To me, this one seems pretty obvious. It means never settling for average. Average isn’t good enough. Remarkable on the other hand is what makes your work spread.

2. Try New Things.

Even if it’s scary. You won’t learn or grow otherwise. To me, starting a podcast was scary. I knew it would work and that it would be useful, yet still, it was scary. Launching a membership site was scary. Speaking at my first every conference (as a paid speaker) was scary. And yet, I’m thriving in each of those areas.

3. Teach Others About What You Know.

Fact is, you know stuff that other people want to know. Start writing from a place of confidence. Write what you know, and help others. But above all else, remember, always deliver high value first.

4. Make Work Into Play.

This one and #9, mean the same thing to me. Because if you don’t love what you do, and if you can’t have a little fun doing it, what’s the point?

5. Take Breaks.

It’s easy to get over-worked and over-whelmed. Always connected, always typing, always socializing. Always being (or having to be) available. So every now and then, it’s totally ok to step away from the computer, put the phone down and disconnect. Completely. Take a walk on the beach, go for a trail run. Do something that’s completely disconnected from the digital universe so you can rest, recharge, and come back to being remarkable.

6. Work When Others Are Resting.

It’s the holidays right now. Not very many people are in “work mode.” Me? I’m mapping out and executing a plan of attack for 2012. I want to grow Real Estate Blog Topics beyond 100+ members. Then, 200, 300, 500+ and beyond.

7. Always Be Creating.

Every day, rain or shine. This means showing up to do the work. Though in this case, the work is fun. It’s rewarding.

8. Make Your Own Inspiration.

Know what makes you tick. Twyla Tharp talks about this in her book, The Creative Habit (it’s a great read). What motivates you? What de-motivates you? When are you most creative? What type of environment helps maximize your creativity? How can you recreate that environment for yourself when you need to create?

9. Love What You Do, Or Leave.

(As I said above, for me #9 and #4 are closely related so instead I thought I’d ask you to help me fill in #9).

What are you passionate about? What are you creating? What do you love to do?


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