Think Like Your Customer

Most real estate websites suck because they’re not designed for the consumer.

Instead, they’re designed around features and other items the agent thinks is important rather than what’s best for the consumer.

Today, I’d like you to put yourself in your customers shoes. 

What do they need to know about buying or selling real estate in your market area?

What are they interested in learning about? (Schools, lifestyle, the neighborhood).

What do they need to know about getting approved for a home loan?

What language (specific phrases) are they searching to find all of that information online?

Then, take a look at your own website, and ask yourself…

Am I answering each of these questions as best as possible? Is my content helpful, informational, and personable?

How easy is it to access this information (for each question listed above) on my site?

If you’re answers are anything short of positive, I’d like you to spend the rest of the week organizing your website so that it highlights your best content and properly communicates what you have to offer. 

(Note: This doesn’t just work for real estate. If you’re a small business, again, put yourself in your customers shoes. What is it that they’re dying to know about your product? Then, take a step back and ask yourself, am I answering their most pressing questions? If the answer is “no”, you’ve got some work to do).

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