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What’s an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty seconds or 100-150 words. – wikipedia

So, how well can you explain what your blog is about in 30 seconds or less?

Today’s Learning Lesson:

Today’s task is to identify what I like to call your 3 Core M’s (before launching your next social media strategy) and to craft an Elevator Pitch for your blog.

What are the 3 Core M’s?

A blog is going to attract the kind of business that you’re writing for. So, if you’re writing content for buyers, you’re going to attract buyers. If you’re writing about foreclosures, you’re going to attract buyers interested in foreclosures. If you’re looking for certain type of business, then what you want to do is write content as if you’re speaking to the type of client you’d like to work with.

The 3 Core M’s is an exercise (I learned from my friend @ChaoticMark) that will help you identify “Who” you want to reach, “How” you’re going to reach them, and the “Message” your trying to communicate.

For the perfect “Market-to-Message” match, you first want to focus on “WHO” (you are talking to; your audience), then “WHAT” (what’s the message you are trying to communicate). In the process, you’ll determine your “How” (how you’re going to reach that audience.

When you get to your Message (“WHAT”), practice saying it out-loud. This is the part where you come up with an elevator pitch…

Crafting An Elevator Pitch:

In the process of identifying your 3 Core M’s and writing your Elevator Pitch you will have learned how to communicate the type of business you’re after and the purpose of your blog quite effectively.

See, many business courses teach students to develop an elevator pitch for themselves (and their business) so that they have something quick and sharp to say about themselves whenever an opportunity arises at a networking event (or other related-type of event; I’m thinking LinkedOC here). The idea is that you don’t want to miss an opportunity by failing to succinctly communicate what you do. The goal instead is to effectively communicate what it is that you do and get people to want to learn more.

Ever go to a networking event and get tongue-tied when someone asks you what you do or what your blog is about? C’mon, admit it, I know you have… ;-)

What is an elevator pitch going to do for you?

As a Real Estate Blogger (or entrepreneur), an elevator pitch is going to help you in a couple of different ways. For one, it’s going to help you get some real good clarity one what it is you do (what you write about for your blog etc.). Other things it’ll help you with include:

  • Writing Fresh New Content – If you’re clear on your blogging goals and objectives, it’ll be easier for you to come up with new content ideas.
  • Finding New Readers – Again, if you can communicate what your blog is about clearly, it’ll be easy to connect with and find new readers.
  • Developing Your Personal Brand – Having a clear idea on what your blog is about will make it easier for you to start developing your personal brand. Think of a tagline (heck, I need to work on mine, any ideas?)… Having a short, descriptive tagline makes it easy to communicate what your blog is about to other readers.

Having a good elevator pitch will essentially serve as the foundation for building out your content, developing your brand and attracting loyal readers interested in hearing what you have to say. The easier it is for you to communicate that, the easier it’s going to be for you to start growing your Tribe.

Action Step(s) for Today:

In identifying your 3 Core M’s you will have begun to develop writing your elevator pitch. Your tasks for today are to grab a sheet of paper (or a Word Document will do just fine) and write out a list of characteristics that make up your perfect buyer/your ideal client/your  ideal reader. Then, determine (and provide answers to) the following:

  • What kind of content do they respond to?
  • What kind of questions are they asking that “I” can provide answers to?

In the process of writing out the answers to these questions, you will have creating a few blog post titles and/or outlines for new posts :-) Then, go through the process of writing out your elevator pitch and use it in drafting your “About Page”. If you have an audio recorder, it might be a good exercise to use it as well. Answer the following questions:

  • Am I solving a particular problem or need?
  • What makes me unique?
  • Who is my specific audience?

When you’re done going through some of these steps, come back here and share your elevator pitch in the comments below for the rest of the group to see and share. If you already have one, share it with the rest of us anyway. And you know what would be awesome? If you took the time to help someone else out on theirs :-)

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