The Passion Conversation: How To Get People To Fall In Love With Your Business

Robbin Phillips is the President of Brains on Fire and co-author of two books, Brains on Fire and The Passion Conversation. Her work centers around inspiring and creating word of mouth movements by finding and creating advocates for a brand. This is her definition of advocacy: Advocacy occurs when people are inspired and empowered to share their love for an idea, cause, product, or brand, so much so that they become a living messenger for that idea, cause, product, or … [Read more...]

How To Kill Writer’s Block and Become A Master Copywriter

By now you already know that executing an effective content marketing strategy requires that you create fresh new content consistently over time. The more content you create, the better. It allows you to build trust and rapport with your readers. And the more you create, the more likely you are to outrank the competition. People are going online every day to find answers to their questions. If you want that search traffic, you need to build a website that answers the very questions they … [Read more...]

How Differentiate Your Business By Learning To Tell A Better Brand Story

A great brand story will make you stand out from the crowd, increase brand awareness, create customer loyalty, and it will help you grow your business. The question then is, how do we build a better brand story? These are the questions we're setting out to answer with branding expert Bernadette Jiwa, author of The Fortune Cookie Principle and writer at Join us as we discuss things like: How a great brand story will make you stand out and increase brand … [Read more...]

The Smart Content Marketer’s Guide To Understanding Responsive Design

Responsive web design basically means that your site adapts to fit whatever screen it's on whether it's tablet, your mobile phone or a desktop. Regardless of device, site visitors can access your site easily and see all of the content that you have to offer. But why should you care about mobile responsive design? How does it impact your SEO efforts? Join me as I interview Josh Byers from Copyblogger Media to discuss: What responsive design means. The difference between responsive … [Read more...]

How To Build A High Ranking Authority Real Estate Website

Most real estate agents that I speak to who want to start a blog often fall into the trap of thinking two things: That an indexable IDX alone is going to get their website to rank on page 1 of Google quickly. And,  That the more keywords they focus on, the quicker they'll rank for each one of those keywords in search results. Both of these are flawed thinking. But rather than just telling you what you're doing wrong, I asked SEO and analytics pro Gahlord Dewald from Though Faucet to … [Read more...]

How To Build A Better Business Online…the Human Business Way

A relationship minded business, is a better business. Why? Because it puts the customer first. And that makes you referable. So today, I thought I'd talk to marketing expert Chris Brogan, President of Human Business Works, and someone who knows all about building a relationship-minded business. Or as he would like to say, building a business "the human way." Join Chris Brogan and I as we discuss:  Why writing is like running a marathon. Why you need a platform and how to build … [Read more...]

Are You Making Things Happen, Or Just Making Noise?

The Impact Equation is all about launching ideas, building a platform and injecting the "human" element into your interactions to build relationships that will help you grow. But how do you build a platform amidst all of the noise? How do you nurture relationships that lead to value both for you and your community? How do you know if you're really working on what matters? I asked Julien Smith, co-author of The Impact Equation to join me in this inaugural episode of Content Smarts Radio … [Read more...]